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With a staff of multi-disciplined planners, managers and engineers, we support the entire life cycle of projects and pride ourselves on delivering turnkey sustainable solutions that meet your unique needs.

  • Capital improvements plans

  • Comprehensive planning

  • Downtown development plan

  • Economic analysis

  • Economic development plans

  • GIS / Mapping

  • Grant management

  • Historic preservation and development

  • Intersection and pedestrian analysis

  • Land suitability analysis

  • Land use and zoning amendments

  • Master planning

  • Plan review

  • Multi-use path planning

  • Program management

  • Public infrastructure

  • Safe route to school analysis

  • Site planning

  • Staff augmentation

  • Strategic planning

  • Transit studies

  • Traffic signals

  • Transportation improvement plans

  • Urban design and development guidelines

Our supportive transportation services include:


    IMS' inspection teams are comprised of seasoned inspectors with proficiency in construction methods and construction inspection services. They have many years of experience collaborating with general contractors, public agencies (such as DOTS's), as well as private firms. This work includes, but is not limited to: inspection of storm sewers, culverts, sanitary sewers, water lines, gas lines, embankment, excavation, highway asphalt and concrete paving, retaining walls, concrete finishes, gantry construction, drilled shafts, columns, caps, beams, bridge decks, light rails, illumination, fiber optics, electrical installations, signals and signing.



    At IMS, we create transpiration solutions for all users and modes to support livable communities. we believe the preparation of plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E) for highway and bridge construction projects is essential in order to facilitate construction, provide contract control, estimate construction cost and provide a uniform basis for bidding purposes.

  • Plans and specifications are the directions, provisions and requirements that outline the description of work and the methods and manner work is to be performed. Specifications and special provisions prepared by IMS for highway, road and bridge projects are an integral part of the contract between the owner and the contractor. Since these documents blink the engineering and design areas with the construction of a final product through legal methods, special attention to detail and adherence to regulations is a hallmark of IMS' work in the preparation of plans and specifications. This detailed engineering effort is designed to provide the best value and quality in constructed facilities for the Client/Owner. 


    IMS has over 22 years of experience with environmental planning, design and site analysis. The first crucial step of a multi-step project, schematic design lay the general foundation for the details that follow in later phases of the project. During the schematic design process, IMS identifies and resolves any conflicts found in the relationship between drainage, structures, environmental elements, highway profiles, horizontal alignments, utilities and ramps. IMS designs the horizontal and vertical alignments for all major and minor roads. In an effort to blend the new project with the surrounding community, pedestrian accommodations, cycling paths, traffic patterns, landscape aesthetics and local businesses are studied to formulate the project's basis framework. The development of the schematic design is an essential part of a successful transportation project. We assist our clients with dealing with environmental impact issues, coordinating with environmental agencies, navigating the associated permit processes and conducting environmental assessments/studies, and preparing environmental documents.

  • plANNING

     At IMS, we create transportation solutions for all users and modes to support livable, sustainable communities. We believe that successful transportation planning combines art, engineering and community dynamics. Our multidisciplinary professionals go beyond narrow transportation roles to craft solutions that are holistic and implementable, leveraging their expertise in land use planning, urban design, policy planning, visioning, landscape architecture and engineering. From policy planning to urban design/redevelopment planning, IMS' aim is to enable transportation to be a contributor, not a barrier, to a community's long-term economic competitiveness and quality of life. The planners, designers and engineers at IMS work closely with public and private clients to ensure each piece of the transportation infrastructure is deliberately planned and designed with quality and respect for its role in the public arena. IMS planners are equipped to lead and support large to small projects that address our core transportation and infrastructure business, as well as specialized planning and research studies on defining service needs and evaluating the impacts.